Were You Accused Of Drunk Driving?

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When it comes to serious DUI charges, you don't want an ordinary attorney advocating on your behalf. Your case deserves strong legal representation, and a DUI defense attorney from The Law Office Of Blackie Burak can help protect your future.

Attorney Blackie Burak has been a local DUI attorney in Danville, CA for over 40 years. He's helped clients in all kinds of situations, including obtaining the first not-guilty verdict in the Bay Area after the .08 blood alcohol level threshold was enacted. As a member of the California DUI Lawyers Association, attorney Blackie Burak can guide you through the legal process and fight for the best possible outcome to your case.

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The consequences of a DUI conviction are severe. From fines to a license suspension, a conviction can affect your future for years. No matter what situation you're in, a drunk driving attorney can help.

Even if you believe the evidence against you is overwhelming, you shouldn't go through the legal process alone. Our DUI/DWI attorney can examine the evidence and explain your options. Whether you plead guilty or not guilty, we'll help you receive a reduced sentence or even dismissal of the charges.

3 reasons to choose attorney Blackie Burak

When you're facing serious legal issues, you want to know you can rely on your attorney to set you up for success. Choose our DUI defense attorney because...


Attorney Blackie Burak focuses exclusively on DUI cases and has the skills and experience to create a strong case for you


Our drunk driving attorney has extensive experience as a trial lawyer and will confidently and vigorously defend you in court


You'll receive personal attention from attorney Blackie Burak and can work with him one-on-one throughout your case

Every moment matters when it comes to DUI cases. Don't wait to contact The Law Office Of Blackie Burak for the legal help you need.


Christy Harrison

It's been a whole lot of years since I've needed a lawyer but when I needed one Mister Burak and his office, they were there for me, supporting me and representing me 100%! I have referred many people and hands down everyone has always been satisfied. Phenomenal they are absolutely the best! Thanks again for being there y'all when I really needed you I can't thank you enough thank you!


Larry Palm

If you are looking for the best DUI lawyer in California, look no further. Blackie was aces on my case. On the hot seat the CHP officers head was spinning. I don't think he ever wants to see Mr Burak again.