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When you retain me for your DUI defense, I will prepare you and your case for the best court outcome I can get for you. I am attorney Blackie Burak and have been defending clients against drunk driving charges for almost 40 years. Whether your case goes to trial or results in a dismissal, I will be your strong advocate during the entire process, appearing for you at hearings and in court. Whatever direction your case takes, I will defend you, protect your rights and aggressively pursue a favorable outcome.
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When police come to court to present evidence against my clients, they often end up referring me to their friends, neighbors and family members who need similar defense. They are in court to present the most accurate evidence they can to make the case against you; my job is to defend you as effectively as possible. Sometimes that means showing that their evidence is inconsistent, unreliable, or illegally obtained. It can involve proving that the results of the chemical test do not accurately reflect your true blood alcohol level at the time you were driving. Although juries like blood alcohol tests, they are notoriously unreliable and I have been able to prove that to benefit my clients.
Many of these police officers tell me after a trial that they are not usually cross-examined as thoroughly in other DUI trials. They appreciate the thorough and aggressive, yet courteous and respectful, way I force them to examine every aspect of the evidence they are presenting. They know that I have obtained favorable results for clients at hundreds of trials; they want the same high level of DUI defense for their friends and families. The more professional the police officer, the more they appreciate an effective defense lawyer.


Read more about my successes and reputation as an aggressive courtroom trial lawyer. Then contact my Walnut Creek law office as soon as possible to discuss how I might defend your case at trial, at DMV hearings or pre-trial motions. Wherever your case is tried in California, I can defend you against drunk driving charges. Call me toll free at 1-866-BLCKDUI.